Asbestos Removals

Once asbestos has been identified, an employer has a legal duty to prevent employees from being exposed unnecessarily to asbestos. We hold a three year licence issued by the Health & Safety Executive, and have been successful in having our licence renewed on each application. This licence enables us to remove all types of asbestos from any location, using the correct materials, plant and fully trained operatives, giving you our client total peace of mind that all works will be carried out legally and environmentally sound.

All removal work is supported by a full plan of work, method statement and risk assessments. All are carried out before any work starts. The client is kept fully informed with development of the removal work

In the last three years we have worked heavily in the domestic insurance industry covering the length and breadth of the country. This can be a varied job, and can include removing ceilings damaged by water, fire or flood, lifting and disposing of floor tiles within a property or removing a garage.

Many familiar High Street names engage our services to ensure their business continues to work on a daily basis, and does not suffer any loss whilst removal work is being carried out.

We pride ourselves on owning all our plant and machinery. All our operatives arrive on site in company uniform and carry photo ID, cementing our company image with the client.

Please remember, not all asbestos has to be removed, please contact us for advice on your specific situation.